Discover Vanity Supper Club; a clever contemporary spin on a 1920's speakeasy set in a glamorous modern day supper club environment. Folklore abounds as to the nature and particulars of how speakeasy establishments carried on, and the fascination of their existence has emerged as a significant area of interest in pop culture. Vanity Supper Club elegantly blends a vintage feel with modern decor and inflections, producing an impeccably unique dining and nightlife experience unlike any other. Located at 566 South Main Street in Providence, RI, we welcome our guests through our well disguised telephone booth entrance which draws intrigue from passersby and thrill seekers alike. Once inside, an exuberant evening of sight and sound awaits; in chic modern fashion, join us as we celebrate Prohibition!

Vanity Supper Club - Fantastic 4Mat Volume 2 (Free Download)

Vanity Supper Club & Moodswing Presents

FANTASTIC 4MAT VOL. 2 - Hosted By: Clinton Sparks

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